Sunday, March 16, 2014

March WIPocalypse

 It is time for the March WIPocalypse report.  I stitched on my Cat Cushion and hope to have it done in the next rotation.
 Little Fairies at Play was worked on.  Page 5 33,882 stitches done.
 And a complete look at Little Fairies at Play (except for a small portion under the scroll rods)
 We are to show our favorite place to stitch.  Here is my happy chair.  The clear/blue bag on the floor has my projects I am working on in it (unless they are on scroll rods).  Patterns, floss and projects in current rotation are kept in this bag that has individual pockets.   I think it was to be used for scrap booking.
 And I started a new project this past month with the finish of Sunflower Swirl.  Live Out Loud.  It is Sunday so I am switching projects and Live Out Loud is up.
 We had more snow Wednesday.  A fast heavy wet snow.  When they cancelled school at 6 am grass was still showing.  By 7:15 when I left for work we had 3 wet inches and visibility was not good.  By the time I went home after work we had 7-9 wet inches depending on where you live.  Luckily my son shoveled so I could get back in my driveway. 
It was very pretty.  But by Friday the temperatures were up (high 40's) snow was melting and dirty.


Stitching Noni said...

Your Cat Cushion is looking fantastic!
Great progress on your stitching :o)

Katie said...

Great stitching. This weather has been crazy!

Shelleen said...

Great stitching progress. This has been an old fashioned winter for us.

SueH said...

That snow looks very ‘refreshing’. I can see why your ‘happy corner’ would look so inviting with that little lot collecting outside your window!
The Cat Cushion is just looking fantastic (just love the bright colours in that) and the Fairies at Play is looking beautiful too.
I don’t know how you manage to stitch on so many projects at one time. I usually have just one large project on the go and then maybe I’ll stitch something smaller in between but would always finish the smaller one before going back to my main project.

Happy Stitching!
x x x

Rachel said...

I love your "happy chair"! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished cat cushion.

Marcy said...

Everything looks great. Except all that snow. I've seen enough this winter.

Scrapbrat1 said...

YOur projects are coming along great. Beautiful stitching!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your Cat Cushion is so bright and colorful! Fairies at Play is so pretty! Will it have backstitching? Your recliner looks like the perfect place to stitch!