Sunday, February 24, 2013

WIPocalype February

 Since the last full moon,  I have had one new start, Cat Cushion.

 This past week I worked on In the Garden.  Not too much more to stitch on this one.  Alot of words and backstitching.  It should be my first finish of 2013.
And I worked on Little Fairies at Play.  I almost have page 2 finished.  I am going to stitch on this one every other week.  At least until some other project pulls me away.  I really want to make alot of progress on this one this year.

So February was a good stitching month for me.  Things have settled down here and with the cold weather  there is not much else to do but stitch.  We will see what March brings.  :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I worked again on Little Fairies at Play.  I am almost have page 2 done!  I think the next time it is up I should be able to finish page 2.  This is 13,750 stitches.

I am thinking about working on Little Fairies at Play every other week just to make some decent progress on it this year.  As the weather warms up my stitching time will become limited.

Last Sunday afternoon I went with a friend to see Identity Thief.  It was a pretty funny movie.  I then came home and did my daughter and son-in-law's taxes.  A nice busy day.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

 I started a new project last Sunday - Cat Cushion from The World of Cross Stitching #159.  It is different from the other pieces I am working on.  I think the colors attracted me to this piece.
 It is time again for the TUSAL - Totally Useless Stitch Along hosted by Daffycat at 

I did get some stitching done this month.  There are clippings from finishing off the scarf for my son and alot of orts from Little Fairies at Play and from my new start - Cat Cushion.  So I feel that I have made good stitching progress  since the last new moon in January.

And here is my progress on Cat Cushion after a week of stitching.  Stitching on 18ct white and it is on my scroll rods.

I won't get much stitching done today as I am going to the movies with a friend and then my daughter and son in law will be here for dinner.  I am going to show them how to do their taxes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This week I worked on Little Fairies at Play.  I really enjoy working on this one.  I feel like I got alot done this week.  13,030 stitches complete and I am almost finished with page 2.

Today I want to do my taxes and then I will start a new project.  Hope to make decent progress to show next week.

Winter is back again with cold temps and snow. 

I have been working on my walking goal of 250 miles by June 1st. So far I have 34 miles completed.  Not bad considering the weather and I can't make it to the gym everyday.  I will stitch more while the weather is bad because once it warms up I will be out walking.