Sunday, December 25, 2011

 Here is my progress on my first HAED - Little Fairies at Play.  I am stitching it on 18ct.  It has a total of 146,700 stitches and so far I have completed 2,700.  I have the first page (out of 28 pages) about 1/2 done.  I am really enjoying stitching this one.  There is alot of confetti stitches.
We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve for Breakfast.  It is a first as usually we do breakfast on Christmas Day.  But my brother is a pastor and Christmas Day being on a Sunday this year would have been to busy to stay for long.  This is a picture of me with my Dad, Sister and Brother.  It was a warm (well 40 degrees is warm in December) and sunny day.  I went for my 2 mile walk once I got home and then played games with my DD and her Fiance all afternoon.  Then back to stitching.

  Today I will be going back to my Dad's house to play games with my sister and my kids.  I need to bake a pie yet before I go over there.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


 Here are my orts for December.  I had alot of stitching time and my small glass was overflowing.
This is all of my orts for the year in my frog box.  I enjoyed participating in the 2011 TUSAL.  I have signed up for the 2012 TUSAL.  I have a different container (much larger) that I will add to each month and not have to empty out until the end of the year.  At least that is the plan.  Maybe I will stitch so much I will need a second container.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I stitched this one up this week.  Started it 12/11/11 and finished it up last night 12/16/11.  It is from the June 2011 issue of Cross Country Stitching.  This is my last finish for 2011.  That makes 7 finishes this year.  I guess I will have an extra day this week of stitching on my HAED.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I worked on Wintertime this past week and it is close to being done.  It should be one of my first finishes in 2012.  I have been making a list of the projects I want to do in 2012.  Trying to pick out some small and medium ones but a lot of larger ones did make my list.  I am trying to have several kitted up and ready to go as slots in my rotation open up.  I can see three that will finish up in 2012.

I did start a new small one on Sunday to take the place of Freight Train that I finished up.  Hope to have it finished by the end of the week depending on stitching time.

My DD will be home Saturday for 3 weeks.  Looking forward to doing things with her when she is here.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Here is Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott.  I had to move my scroll rods this week.  There is alot of blending filament in her wings which is not showing up.  It makes for slow stitching.

The weather forecast for this coming week is cold with snow.  Ugh.  I am already counting down the days until spring and it is not even officially winter yet.

I am still slowly losing weight.  I only gained 1lb during Thanksgiving.  I still manage to walk outside a few times a week.  I am also walking on the treadmill after work in the exercise room.