Sunday, February 21, 2010

This past week I stitched on Abecedaire and made alot of progress. I have been watching the Olympics every night. Friday night as I was sitting down to eat supper my DD called from college. She has bronchitis and wanted to come home. So I drove down to Muncie and picked her up. No stitching (or Olympics Friday night ) as I didn't get home til after midnight.

My DD brought me the frog box pictured above. It was full of chocolate covered animal crackers. Very tasty. I am now using the box to put my orts in. I will show a picture of the inside when I get more orts.

After a weekend of resting and taking her medicine DD is feeling better. My husband will be taking DD back to college Monday morning. Her roomate had bronchitis a few weeks ago. Sounds like alot of the kids have it down there. I think the bronchitis went thru the college and not the H1N1.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here is my progress on Day. I had lots of stitching time this past week, starting with the Superbowl and ending with the Olympics.

Stitching will continue this week as I watch more of the Olympics. Hope to accomplish quite a bit on Abcedaire.

I won these marshmallow frogs playing bingo at work. I thought they were too cute to eat. I collect frogs and decided it would be better to keep a picture of them. I will let my son eat them so they don't go bad.

Taxes and the FASFA are both done. So I feel like I accomplished alot.

We did get snow this week. About 4 inches. The schools were closed two days based on the forecast which as usual was not as bad as they made it sound. I did make it to work all week even though I was tempted to call in so I could stay home and stitch.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here is my progress on Freight Train. Did not get to stitch every day but I did make some progress. I wanted to have my taxes done yesterday so I could stitch all day today. Instead I did laundry and grocery shopping. Hope to do the taxes today and still have time to stitch.