Monday, July 30, 2018

July WIPocalypse

Continuing with my rotation, this month was Faces of Faery 90.

I am into large one color areas now so it is moving pretty quickly.

And I worked on Little Fairies at Play on the weekends getting in 1,508 stitches this month.

This is the start of page 13.  Once I finish this row across I will be into large blocks of the same color and I hope to pick up speed.  My goal is to have page 13 finished by the end of September.

And here are my Orts.  Tamping them down again.

Question for this month was How am I doing with my goals so far this year.  Well I didn't really make any goals except to put in 1,200 stitches each month for the Full Coverage Facebook group on Little Fairies at Play.  And I have managed to keep up with that goal.  I have also worked on each of my wips once this year and am starting back thru my rotation for the second time.