Tuesday, August 27, 2019

August WIPocalypse

 After my last July WIPocalypse post I continued to stitch on Faces of Faery 90 until the end of the month.  I just have this small amount to do to finish off page 3.
 Then I worked on Little Fairies at Play on the weekends during August.  I completed 2,024 stitches and moved the scroll rods so I can finish off page 17 in September.
 Butterfly Fairy Night was my week time project.  I only stitched on this for 2 weeks because I just don't like stitching on even weave.  I struggle to get the stitches looking right.  This is the one project in my rotation that I force myself to work on when it comes up.

My brother and I are still packing up our parents house.  This month we found these place mats and napkins that I stitched for my mother while I was in high school.  I picked the colors to match my mom's new every day dishes she had bought.  4 place mats and 4 napkins still in the box I put them in when I gave them to her. I can't remember if it was for her birthday or Christmas but they have never been used.

Last month I had purchased a 2nd project bag and forgot to post a picture.  Here it is Gnomes!

In August one Wednesday my Husband and I went to the flea market at Shipsewanna.  I was looking around in the back of a quilting booth and found some cross stitch kits that were 50% off.  These were projects that a stitcher had kitted up to start and she didn't get to them.  They were all older patterns.  I picked this Mosey n Me pattern.  It had the fabric, buttons, dmc, fancy floss and beads for $10.95.  I got it for half off $5.85 including tax.  The older gentleman who was running the booth said if I bought the rest of the kits all at once he would give them to me at 75% off.  I passed on that bargain.  I have more stash now than I will ever get to.  Someday mine will probably end up in a garage sale or flea market.

This month's questions is what do I have on my stitching bucket list.  Well in my stash I have a Chatelaine - Watergarden and several Teresa Wentzler patterns.  I would like to complete those in my life time as they seem to be more challenging.