Saturday, January 26, 2013

 I have finally finished my son's scarf.  Hope to get it uncurled and he still has plenty of winter left to wear it.

 I worked on In the Garden while I was in Rochester NY.  I am getting close to a finish.  This one should be done this year. 

I also worked on Amish Star and have finished up a second star and started on a third.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

 From December 31st to today I have not stitched at all!  I was working on finishing the scarf I am knitting for my son.  It is done now but I need to find out how to finish it off the needles.  Then I will post a picture of it.  I can't wait to get back to my stitching.  I was also busy with the final events leading up to my daughter's wedding.  Here are some pictures.
 My new son-in-law, Adam.
 My son Andy was an usher.  Always nice to see your children dressed up.
 My daughter Sarah.
The wedding was yesterday 1/12/12 and we had been worried about a snow storm or ice.  The weather was in the high 50's which is really warm for this time of year in Indiana.  My mother, who died 8 years ago, always told us about her wedding on Jan 31st and how warm it was.  Well my daughter had heard this story many times.  Last Monday she said her hand had started to itch.  My mother's hand always itched right before something good was going to happen to her.  As we watched the weather forecast all week, it kept getting better and better.  It was so nice out yesterday they took quite a few pictures outside.

I still have one more week that will not be my normal routine, I am headed for Rochester NY again on Friday.  Hoping the weather cooperates and I can get there and back safely.  I will be taking my stitching along with some books to read on the plane.