Monday, December 30, 2013

 I was so close to finishing Surely Goodness and Mercy sampler that I kept working on it Sunday instead of moving on to the next project in my rotation.  Here it is all finished.  This is my second and last finish for 2013.  Only 2 projects completed in 2013.  Not a record.  I like large projects and those take longer to complete.  I am trying to mix different size projects into my rotation so I will have more finishes.  We will see what 2014 brings.
I got this kit from my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It is very pretty.  She said she bought it when they were in Epcot in Florida during their last vacation. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

 I worked on Cat Cushion this past week.  Almost have the 3rd cat done.  Too many interruptions this week.  I had plenty of time to stitch last night and just couldn't get motivated to pick up my needle.
I did wrap all of my Christmas presents while watching movies on the Hallmark Channel last nite.  This year I put the tree up in my kitchen.  I have lots more room for it there and don't lose any seating in the living room that way (namely my stitching chair). 

I hope everyone has a good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Wipocalypse

 Cat Cushion.  This one will get finished in 2014.
 Little Fairies at Play.  I finished almost 2 pages in 2013.  Not bad but with 24 more pages to do I need to pick up the pace as I have quite a few more HAEDs in my collection.
Surely Goodness and Mercy.  Ready to start the backstitching and details.  This one should also be finished early in 2014.

I enjoy participating in Measi's WIPocalypse.  It is inspiring to see what everyone is stitching on during the month.  And it helps keep me motivated on larger projects.  I have looked over my stash and picked 5 more projects to kit up.  Another HAED is in the line up.  I try to keep a variety of projects in the mix.

So here is to another year of stitching and watching everyone's progress.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

 Here is my daughter's dog wearing her new fleece coat.  She actually likes wearing this.  Temperatures has dropped drastically and Daphne doesn't have alot of fur.
I had alot of stitching time this past week as I was off on vacation for 3 days.  We also had our first large snowfall Friday/Saturday (8 inches) so in between shoveling snow I just sat and stitched. Page 4 of Little Fairies at Play is very close to a finish.  Hopefully next rotation.  It amazes me that when I take these progress pictures that it looks totally different than when I am stitching it. More of the castle is showing and not just brown/grey blocks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

 I finished up this jigsaw puzzle this week.  I am in winter mode already.  Yardwork is done and I have all of my indoor activities to do.  Which include house work but who wants to see pictures of that.  lol
I worked on Surely Goodness and Mercy this week.  The alphabet is done.  Next time it is up I will remove the scroll rods and start on adding the details and backstitching.  This one should be my next finished project.  I have picked 5 projects I want to start in 2014.  Need to get them all kitted up.

I have 3 days off work this coming week.  I am just burning vacation time since it cannot be rolled over.  I hope to finish my Christmas shopping and get alot of progress in on the next piece in my rotation - Fairies at Play.  Maybe I will be lucky and finish page 4.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

 This week I worked on my Cat Cushion.  Two cats complete and working on the third one.  Then I just need to finish the background and do back stitching and it will be done.   That sounds quick and easy but it will take a bit and will probably be a finish for 2014.
I cat sat for my sister-in-law while they were in Florida.  They brought me back this mug because I collect frogs.  But what they didn't know is that when my sister was little she could not pronounce Cathy and call me Cha Cha.  She still does.  So this mug is especially nice.
On Thanksgiving, my brother and his wife hosted at their house.  Part of our Thanksgiving tradition is to after lunch do some kind of craft project with my brothers kids.  He has 9.  Now only the little girls do the crafts (I did have one nephew stop and make one this year).  We made beaded candy cane ornaments for the tree.  I bought the kit at Hobby Lobby and it said it made 24.  I think we got that many as each of the girls made at least 5.  This picture is missing one of my nieces who also made ornaments.  Anna the youngest kept beading away.  She lasted the longest.

My sister and I also ran the Galloping Gobbler Thanksgiving morning with a group of her friends she works with.  It was cold!  26 degrees.  It was 4 hilly miles from St. Francis University thru the cemetery and back.  About mile 3 I met up with two ladies I work with and we finished the race together.  I did it in 49 min and 32 seconds.  Not bad for me.