Sunday, March 2, 2014

 Here is my new start - Live Out Loud from Cross Country Stitching Feb 2012.  I am stitching this on one long piece of fabric and I already have 4 other designs in this series stitched.  I think I can fit one more after this one.  Then I will try and get a picture of the whole thing.  I would like to finish it as a bell pull or banner.
 It is time for my Orts.  Here they are.  I don't empty my jar out each month I just keep adding to it.  I will need to tamp them down so I can get more in.  All of this winter weather has helped me to stitch more.
 A view from the top.  Bright colors from my new start.
 And I live in one of the areas getting hit with another snow storm.  My car was covered in ice last night when I went to bed and now snow.  It is still snowing and supposed to snow all day.  Probably a good 3 inches so far.
 Another view of the snow.  The old snow had gone done some so at least I will be able to shovel this snow on top of my existing piles.  I will wait til later this afternoon to go out and shovel.
And here is my finished Sunflower Swirl.  Started 12/30/13 and finished 2/25/14.  My first finish of 2014.  I decided this slot in my rotation should be for smaller projects so I can see more finishes. 

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Julie said...

Nice colourful Sunflower.
Hard to believe you have all that snow and we have had a lovely spring day.