Sunday, July 25, 2010

Once again this week the tempatures were in the 90's. We do not have central air, just a window air conditioner. It gets pretty hot in here by late afternoon. Thursday night at 9:30 I started making cupcakes for my co-workers 40th birthday. I had seen a picture of cupcakes decorated like monkeys in a magazine. I have watched alot of Cake Boss and figured that I too could create masterpieces that would be too pretty to eat. Well my cupcakes did not turn out looking like the picture. By 11:30pm I decided just to make smiley faced cupcakes and move on. They were well received at work and quite tasty. I guess I will not be getting my own cake decorating show. It is harder than it looks.
I did get alot of stitching done this week on Happy Girl. Next time she is up in my rotation I will be moving the scroll rods so I can work on the bottom of the design. I think this one might also get finished this year!
On Saturday I did not have to go to my dad's as he went to the circus for the day with his girlfriend. So I hung a load of laundry out and went to my lns. I took in one of my finished pieces to get framed. I then wandered around the store for an hour looking at everything. A few items did find their way home with me:
3 packs of beads for future projects
Carter Mouse & Friends Celebrations leaflet
Stoney Creek Classic Travel leaflet
Rapunzel; Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty charts all by Sandy Orton.
I found all of these in the clearance bins. When I go back to pick up my framing I will get another chance to see what else will want to come home with me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here is my progress on Abecedaire. I got quite a bit done this week. I think I should be able to finish this one this year. It will be my only finish for 2010. I need to add some smaller projects to my rotation.
This week I will be attempting to make Monkey Cupcakes for my co-workers birthday on Friday. I hope they come out close to the picture. After watching Cake Boss and DC Cupcakes I should be qualified to make fancy cupcakes.
Today I am going to try using Ear Candles on my son to get the earwax out. I have tried the ear drops the doctor said to use. But they didn't help at all. They are so blocked he has trouble hearing. If this doesn't work then I will take him to Ready Med and have them power washed. I hope I don't light his hair on fire. My sister, the nurse, tried them out on one of her co-workers and had no problems using them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I was back to stitching this week on Butterfly Fairies - Day. I really am enjoying this one and managed to make some progress. I still need to get to my lns. I am trying to have one of my finished pieces framed each year. Hopefully some time this month I will get there.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I had planned to go to my LNS to have one of my finishes framed. I hoped this trip would break my stitching slump. Well I did not make it there. Instead I thought if I started a small project that could be finished in a few weeks it might get me going again. So I picked these Garden Seed packets by Joan Elliot (one of my favorite designers). I had all of the materials in my stash. Before I could get started I had to go hang my laundry out to dry. While doing that I got to thinking. What will I do with one of these once finished? I am not good at making flat folds etc. So I decided to stitch them all on one piece of fabric. I have been stitching all week. So I did get out of my stitching slump. But I now have another long term project that I am working on.
I did read alot of books in June. #33 -43 on the above list. I took the bus quite often and of course I was reading at night instead of stitching. I just need more time in my day to do everything I want and need to do.
Here is hoping the in July I will get lots of stitching done.