Sunday, July 29, 2012

 I worked on Butterfly Fairy Day this past week.  Stitching the last corner.  Then there is just a little backstitching and it will be done.  One more rotation I think to finish it.
Here is the latest jigsaw puzzle I have finished.  I picked this one for all of the bright colors.  I just work on these as I am waiting for dinner to cook or passing thru the kitchen.  I have another one by this artist.  They have more in this series by him at Michaels on clearance.  I am tempted to buy more.

I have been watching the Olympics and stitching away.  I really enjoyed the opening ceremony with James Bond and the Queen.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

 I worked on Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott this week.  I only have some gold stitches in the dress, some background leaves, backstitching and beads and it will be done!  Sounds quick and easy but it will probably be at least 2 more rotations before it is finished.
 Late posting my TUSAL.  On top are the yellow/greens from Autumn Angel.  Then there are alot of greens from Little Fairies at Play and some bright purples from Amish Star.  Time to tamp down the jar so I can put more in.
Still walking daily.  I have logged 56 miles since the 4th of July.  I stepped on a nail yesterday and now my foot is sore.  Usually I go for a long walk on Sunday's but I think I will rest my foot and just do my short walk.  Tempatures are supposed to be in the 90's again starting today and for most of the week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

 Last Sunday my brother and his wife celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  They renewed their vows.  They are both still very happy which is good to see.
 After church they had a luncheon with cake.  I enjoyed visiting with my family and their church family.
I worked on Little Fairies at Play by Mary Thompson this past week.  Making good progress on page 2 with 8,772 stitches completed.

The weather here is still hot with no rain.  The Direct TV repairman was out to re-align my dish and we have tv again.  This week I am taking a day off as my friend and her son are coming out to pickup my pile of scrap metal that I have been hauling out of my garage.  The garage is stacked to the ceiling with junk.  I am slowly emptying it out.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

 It was another hot week with temperatures in the 100's each day.  I was off on the 4th of July and walked 8 miles with my sister in the morning.  Dripping wet when we got home.  But we know we can make the distance and heat of the Grand Canyon.  Now we just need to practice carrying our backpacks with weight in them.  Because I was already sweaty I decided to get the scrap metal out of my garage.  One of my friends son is coming to take it to sell.  This is a picture of the scrap metal I hauled out of my garage and shed.  It took me about 2 1/2 hours of climbing the mounds of junk in my garage to get this out. 
This week was an open slot in my rotation.  I stitched this Amish Star from For the Love of Cross Stitch January 1996. I hope to get a bunch of these made before Christmas.  I am not sure yet how I will finish them.

I will be off this Wednesday as the Direct TV repair man is coming out to re-align my dish.  The storm we had a week ago blew it out of alignment.  So no tv until Wednesday.  I have had plenty of time to work on other projects.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 I worked on Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott.  Getting closer to a finish.
 I also worked on Butterfly Fairy Day.  Only one more corner to go and it is done.
 Started on page 2 of Little Fairies at Play.
 And In the Garden by Barbara Baatz is coming along.
Also went wedding dress shopping with my daughter.  This is the dress she picked.  One item off the wedding to do list is now checked off.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 Here are the goodies I got for my birthday.  My sister and I are planning on hiking the Grand Canyon next year for my 50th birthday.  So we needed backpacks to hold our food, water, clothes etc.  We went down to Castleton Mall and tried on backpacks.  We had a young salesman helping us who had already hiked the Grand Canyon.  He was very informative and helpful but I bet he was thinking there is no way these two old ladies will make it.  We will prove him wrong!  I also bought the hiking shoes there.  I will break them in when we go to Turkey Run hiking in September.  My daughter gave me the cute frog for my collection and my sister gave me a tool for when we go hiking - kinda like a swiss army knife but more useful attachments like scissors.
 This past week I worked on In the Garden.  We had a storm come thru Friday afternoon and we lost our power.  It was out all day Saturday (came back on at 8pm Saturday night).  I spent the day sitting in my backyard in the shade stitching on this.  It was hot and humid but better than being in the house that was hotter.  Below are some pictures I took of the tree limbs that were down from the storm at my father's house.  All over town there was alot of trees down and limbs down.  Power is still out in parts of town and is out for the houses across the street from me.  They are saying total power might not be restored until Wednesday!

My daughter will be in town Monday to go wedding dress shopping.  Time is flying by.