Monday, April 29, 2019

April WIPocalyse

April was another good stitching month.  This month's weekly project was Freedom by Joan Elliot.  It was a kit I purchased several years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Usually I am not motivated to stitch on this one when it comes up in my rotation.  But this month I really enjoyed working on it.

There will be alot of backstiching on this one.  I usually save that til the end.

And of course I worked on Little Fairies at Play on the Weekends.  Goal is 1,200 stitches a month with a page finish every three months.  I am on page 16 which is my second page for 2019.  I got 2,855 stitches in this month, which is my first month working on page 16.  I am almost half way done with page 16.

This month we are to talk about our oldest WIP.  Mine is Little Fairies at Play.  I started this one back in November 2011.  I have always had other projects in my rotation and I am a slow stitcher.  I was lucky to finish a page a year in the beginning.  I am now up to doing 4 pages a year.  I think the rotation I put in place last year is really helping me to make good progress on this piece.  I will finish it in 2020.

Here are my Orts.  I missed taking a picture of them in March.  It is time to tamp them down.

 Hard to believe April is almost done.  The year is speeding by.  I have been watching floss tube enjoying everyone's plans for stitch maynia.  I am not participating.  But it is tempting.  Once I retire this is something I would like to do.  On my bucket list.  lol