Sunday, November 24, 2013

 I worked on Little Fairies at Play this week.  1,020 stitches completed and still on page 4.
Here is my house with my new windows and garage door.  The garage door man has to come back out to adjust the door as it is not sitting on the ground.  Otherwise it is all good.  The weather has turned cold and my house is nice and snug.

I baked 4 dozen cookies yesterday for church.  I am signed up to bake pies to take to Thanksgiving at my Brother's house.  I will whip them up Wednesday.

Looking forward to the short work week!

Monday, November 18, 2013

WIPocalypse November

I worked on all three of my projects this past month and made good progress on each.  I am glad to see that Measi will be hosting the WIPocalypse again in 2014 as it does help to keep me motivated.  I enjoy looking at everyone's progress.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

 I am dog sitting my daughter's dog Daphne this weekend.  They had halloween costumes on clearance and I picked up this Spider outfit for $2.50  I had to get Daphne to model it.  She just wanted to chew on the legs.  She finally calmed down and I was able to get her picture.
I worked on Surely Goodness and Mercy this past week.  Up to the letter R.  But then Daphne came so no stitching Saturday.  She is a ball of energy and always wants to be on your lap licking you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I worked on my Cat Cushion this past week.  I did move the scroll rods and this is the bottom of the piece.  No more need to move the scroll rods again until it is finished.  I made ok progress this week considering the other interruptions in my stitching time.  I got the call Wednesday that my new windows were in and they would be installed Friday!  That meant moving furniture out of the way and taking down curtains.  All of which revealed more dirt and clutter that needed cleaning.

It took them 4 hours to put in my windows Friday.  I spent that time outside with my son raking leaves.  We filled 10 bags.  I then began once again cutting down the grape vine that runs along my back fence.  I cleared 2 fence sections.  Once the window men left I began washing down the kitchen walls.  I decided to multi task and threw my living room curtains into the wash.  When I removed them from the dryer (delicate cycle) they had melted together.  So Saturday was spent with my daughter shopping for new curtains.  I ended up with new curtains for the living room, kitchen and my bedroom.

I am now waiting on my new garage door.  The rest of the winter months will be filled with indoor cleaning.  Lots of walls to wash and more junk to clear.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

 I was off work Monday and the weather was beautiful.  I took a walk around the neighborhood and this is one of the beautiful trees I saw.  Then the rainy weather moved in for Halloween.  The trees that were green on Monday have now changed to their fall colors.  The hard rains and wind have blown down alot of leaves.  I hope to spend this afternoon out raking the leaves in my backyard.  Still plenty more to come down.
I worked on Little Fairies at Play this week.  I was really in the zone and did 1900 stitches.  Page 4 is half way done.  I hope to be able to move my scroll rods next time.  I really feel like keeping it out and working on it for another week.  I am the master of my rotation so I guess I will wait and see what I decide to do.