Sunday, April 30, 2017

WIPocalpse April

 Little Fairies at Play.  Page 11.  Slow progress as I am now only working on this one on Saturdays for a couple of hours when I am done with all of my work.

Garden of Faith Hope and Love.  This one has become my project in the bedroom.  I now have a tv in the bedroom along with a new husband.  We retreat back there at night to watch movies.  So I needed a small project to work on while watching tv in bed.  This one is almost done.  I am just doing the back stitching.

Little Fairies at Play is too big to do in bed.

This month we are to talk about what projects in our UFO pile.  I am taking that to mean started stitching and not stitched on for a while.  I only have one - Gaithering Pine Cones by Hillside Samplers.

It is stitched on Reflections linen (first time and only time stitching on linen) and it has alot of specialty stitches.  Mine looks nothing like the pattern.  Last time I worked on this was 2009.