Sunday, July 28, 2019

July WIPocalypse

Another month has sped by.  I continue following my rotation.  I did have one small finish early this month.  I finished the Bumble ornament.  I need to fully finish it so I can give it to my sister for Christmas.

I need to hunt down a nice backing fabric.  This motivated me to pull out some magazines and pick other ornaments to stitch up.  I have all the floss pulled and just need to get some fabric out of my stash.

 Faces of Faery 90 was my focus piece this month.  I finished off page 2 and made good progress on page 3 which is very small.  This one won't come up in my rotation again this year.
Little Fairies at Play was my weekend project.  I started page 17 and put in 2,221 stitches.

My birthday was the end of June and  I decided to spend my birthday money on some stash.  While looking thru my magazines for ornament patterns I picked out some I wanted to start. So I have been busy kitting up some new starts.  Here is some of the stash I bought:

 Fabrick for some new starts - a light grey on top, putty to the side and the bottom one is light pink.  The picture just is not showing the correct colors.
 I got some perforated plastic and paper for ornaments.  Some lovely purple krenik for one of my projects.
 I caved in and bought a project bag from Garon Bags.  I mostly keep my projects in zip lock bags.  I did buy a second project bag from an Etsy seller and forgot to take a picture of it.  I will post it next month.
Here is floss for some of the projects and fabric I bought just because I liked the colors - opalescent Mint Green and Opalescent white.

I think 2020 might be the year of new starts which will mean coming up with a new rotation plan to make progress on all of my wips.

Measi's question this month is how do I get myself out of a stitching slump.  I enjoy looking at other stitchers projects and eventually that gets me going again.

With that being said I am off to see what everyone has accomplished this month!