Sunday, February 23, 2014

This week I worked on Little Fairies at Play while watching the Olympics.  I just love this piece.  Still on page 5.

I also went to my LNS yesterday to get my daughter and son-in-law's diplomas framed.  I walked around looking at all of the patterns.  I saw a few that I was tempted to buy but ended up only buying 2 skiens of floss.  Maybe when I go back to pick up the diplomas more will jump into my hands.  I feel like I have way more than I can stitch now and need to focus on either buying material to stitch what I have or get some of my finished pieces framed.

Friday, February 14, 2014

WIPocalypse February

 Cat Cushion
 Little Fairies at Play
Sunflower Swirl

Time for our second WIPocalypse posting.  I worked on all of my projects.  This week I am working on Cat Cushion and have 2 more days in my rotation.  Not in the stitching mood this week as it is moving slowly.  I hope to pick up the pace and make some good progress in the next 2 days.

This month I am to tell you how many projects I feel comfortable working on at one time or if I am a one at a time project person.  When I first started stitching I only worked on one project at a time.  And the projects I picked were always large projects and I would get bored and put them down for long periods of time.  Then I stumbled onto the internet and a discussion on rotating projects.  I gave it a try using the stitch for 10 hours and then move onto the next project in my rotation.  And that worked for a while but it was hard to track my hours.  So I changed my rotation to a weekly rotation switching projects every Sunday.  Some weeks I get alot of stitching time and others I don't.

I currently have 3 projects in my rotation  - a small, medium size and large.  I have had 4 projects in the past and felt comfortable with that many.  But my large project is really large and I want to finish it up in my lifetime so I cut back to 3 projects so that the large one will come up more often.  Maybe someday when I retire and have more time to stitch I will add more projects to my rotation.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunflower Swirl is close to being finished.  Next Rotation I should be able to finish it up.  I need to dig thru my stash and kit up something to take its place in this slot of my rotation.  I want to keep a small or quick to finish project in this slot.  Most of my projects are large and take a long time to finish so it is nice to actually get a finish in.

We had 10 more inches of snow on Wednesday this past week.  Luckily work didn't open up til noon to give us a chance to dig out.  It took me an hour to shovel my driveway as now the snow piles on the sides are so high it is hard for me to lift the shovel high enough to get the snow on top.  My son went to school 2 days last week.  He is a senior and I am not sure he will ever graduate.  I think school has been extended now to close to the middle of June.

I am ready for another day of watching the Olympics!  I will take a short break from the Olympics tonight to watch the Walking Dead.  I will be stitching of course!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

 I worked on Little Fairies at Play this past week.  Making good progress on page 5. 1238 stitches this week for a total of 31,724.  I really enjoy working on this one.  Good thing as it looks like I have a few more years ahead of me before it will be finished.

We still have alot of snow on the ground.  Yesterday it got up to 35 degrees and we had a mix of rain snow with mostly rain in the afternoon.  It lowered the piles of snow some but it did not disappear.  Then overnight we got more snow.  All of this weather is good for stitching as I can't do anything else outside.

I did go to Hobby Lobby yesterday as I had Christmas gift cards to use.  I got some paint to freshen up my outdoor frogs.  I hope to start working on them next weekend.  I also picked up a skein each of all of the DMC varigated floss, some felt, paint brushes and some jewelry tid bits.