Monday, October 29, 2012

WIPocalypse #11

 I worked on Autumn Angel - still backstiching away.  Getting close to a finish.  Gonna keep working on this one until its done.
 Worked on Little Fairies at Play.
And the knitting of the scarf continues.
 We celebrated my brother's birthday on Sunday.  He is a big Spider Man fan and has quite a collection.  I found this Spider Man potato head for him.
 My daughter got me on Pinterest.  I have been pinning different recipes to try. This one was for pepperoni rolls.  They came out huge and fed all of us which includes 2 growing boys (23 & 16) and I still had one whole roll left over.  This recipe is a keeper and I will make it again.
 Here is my progress on the scarf.  It is slowly getting bigger.
 And during HAED's Columbus Day sale I picked up this pattern.  Totally different than anything else in my stash.  Of course I have no idea when I will start it much less get it finished.  I have way too much to stitch.
Here are the leaves that were down in my back yard on Wednesday 10/24 when I was off.  I got them all raked up.  Since then we have had rain and wind and the tree is now empty and my yard full.  I am off again this Wednesday but they are calling for rain.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 I decided to keep Autumn Angel out and try and get it finished.  There is still alot of back stitching to do.  My stitching time has been limited so I don't know how long it will take to finish but I am going to keep working on it until it is done.
 Last Sunday we had rain on and off all day.  Then about 5pm the sun decided to come out and we had this beautiful rainbow.
 Still knitting away on DS's scarf.  I would like to have it done for Christmas.  We will see how it goes.
 Saturday my sister had a bridal shower for my daughter.  Lots of good food and fun.
This week I will continue working on Autumn Angel and knitting.  I am going cake tasting on Wednesday with my future son-in-law.  Who knows what other exciting adventures will happen this week.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 This week I was off on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful day so I went walking along the River Greenway trail system.  This is the first caterpillar I have seen this year.  By his markings we will have a hard winter to begin with, then mild and finishing up with a hard winter.  Hoping the mild portion of the winter occurs in the beginning of January for my daughters wedding.
 More pictures from my walk.  It was in the high 60's and breezy.
 I saw this turtle sunning himself.  Right after I took his picture he plopped back into the river.
 I am a day early for the TUSAL.  Here are my orts.
 Keep pushing them down after each full moon.
More progress on my son's scarf.  I did stitch some on Autumn Angel but not enough to notice any progress.  I am so close to a finish yet can't seem to work on it.    I was bad and ordered another chart from HAED during their Columbus day sale.  It should be here this week and I will post a picture when I get it.  If I lose my stitching mojo how will I ever complete all of the projects I want to stitch?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

 I worked on Little Fairies at Play this past week.  I have now completed 10,012 stitches.  Still on page 2.  I would like to finish this page before the year ends.  Autumn Angel is up this week.  I hope to finish the backstitching and make good progress on the beading.
 Here is my progress on the Scarf.  Trying not to knit too tight as it likes to curl up.
I took a picture of my neighbor's tree.  I love the color.  This greets me every day when I leave for work.  Great way to start the day.  It has been much cooler this fall than in past years.  Highs in low 60's.  This week we will be lucky to get in the 50's.