Monday, November 27, 2017

WIPocalypse November

I think I managed a good amount of progress this month.  It helps having the yardwork slow down.  Here are the 2 projects I worked on:

 Little Fairies at Play.  Getting ready to work on the bottom of page 11.
Summer Sensation.  I think I am 2/3 done.  Will push to see if I can finish this one before the end of the year.

This month's question is what finishing technique would you like to learn or haven't done.  So far I have only framed completed pieces.  I did make a few christmas ornaments too.  I would like to learn to do a bell pull as I have a piece finished that would look good with that finishing.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

WIPocalypse October

This month I did work on 2 projects - Little Fairies at Play and Summer Sensation.  Not alot of progress but some is better than none.

 Little Fairies at Play
Summer Sensation

One of the questions for this month is what will become of my stash when I die.  I belong to a local stitching group - Hoosier Stitchers.   I plan to put in my will that they will be notified and given all of my stash that my family does not want.  As of today I do not have a will but in 2018 I need to get one done.  Being re-married and being older I need to get this done so everything is spelled out and official.

The second topic was how did you get started stitching.  My mother taught me embroidery when I was 8.  I did alot of stamped cross stitch and embroidered pieces.  I did not move on to counted cross stitch until the late eighties when one of my co-workers was looking at a cross stitch magazine and a piece caught my eye.  I couldn't stop thinking about it and went out and bought the magazine and dove right in.

 These are pictures of my first counted cross stitch projects from Cross Country Stitching from Better Homes and Gardens. 
 They are still unframed.
I did not leave enough material to frame them.  Even when I first started stitching I was drawn to large full coverage projects.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

WIPocalypse September

I did manage to work on 2 of my projects this month.  Again not much done.

 A little more done on Little Fairies at Play in the beginning of the month.

And Summer Sensation received the most attention.

This month's question is what color of floss is my favorite.  I like the bright colors - red, peacock blue, bright yellow.  I tend to pick designs that use bright colors.

September was a busy month - bridal shower for my neice, travel for work and a week of vacation.  We were going to Florida but Hurricane Irma changed our travel plans.  We went to Michigan and went to the Binder Park Zoo, spent a day at the Gilmore Car Museum, went to Antique Malls, Warren Dunes, Potato Creek State Park and Duck Tales Car Show.  Of course I managed to have a cold during vacation which did slow me down.  Back to work on Monday.

 Gilmore Car Museum
 One of the bridal shower center pieces my Sister and I made - 6 brides and 6 grooms
 Shower Cake
 Warren Dunes
Binder Park Zoo

Sunday, August 27, 2017

WIPocalypse August

I have only stitched on one project this month - Summer Sensation.  I stitch  for about an hour each night before bed.  I thought I didn't make very much progress until I compared it with last month's picture.

 Last month's picture
This month's progress

I feel pretty good about the progress.

This month's question is what do you do to get out of a stitching slump.  Sometimes I go thru my stash looking at all of the patterns I have/want to do.  Other times I look at other people's progress on their projects.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

WIPocalypse July

Again not alot of stitching got done this month. 

 Summer Sensation I work on in my bedroom.  A little more progress since last month.  Most nights I seem to be reading lately.
Little Fairies at Play.  A few more stitches put in.  Usually on stitch for about an hour on Saturdays on this piece.

This month we are to talk about our oldest WIP and newest WIP.  Well my oldest WIP that I do work on is Little Fairies at Play.  I started this on in November of 2011.

My newest WIP is Freedom by Joan Elliott a kit I purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I started this one in August of 2015.  Here is the last progress picture I have of it.
Looks like I last worked on it in December 2016.

What do I do with my time if I am not stitching?  Work takes up the biggest chunk  then I did the following in July:

 Marched in the Three Rivers Festival parade carrying the banner for the Motoring Mini's Car Club that my Daughter and Son-In-Law belong to
 Watched my daughter race in an SCCA timed course race.
 My son is also now racing in SCCA.
 My back fence has had 30 years of grapevine growing on it.  Our goal for this summer was to cut it down.  We just have this little bit to go.  We have filled 11 bags so far.  The end is in site.
 Back yard display that is on top of where my tulips grow in the spring.
 Planted lots of flowers in the front yard that I water daily.
And spending time with my father, sister, brother and lots of nieces and nephews.  We have a wedding coming up in November the first of my neices getting married.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

WIPocalypse June

I feel that I got to stitch quite a  bit this month.   I finished Garden of Faith Hope and Love.

I then pulled out Summer Sensation to work on.  Before I could get started I had to rip out a flower that was not in the correct spot by one or two stitches.  It took me a week to get it ripped out.  I think I am stitching on 18 ct and I ended up just cutting the stitches out.  Then I could get back to working on it and re-stitched the flower completely.  I will keep working on this project and maybe I will get it finished before the end of the year.

Whenever I had some time to my self and could stitch in the living room I continued to work on page 11 of Little Fairies at Play.

This month we are to talk about and show where we stitch.  I normally stitch in the living room while watching tv.  This area is big enough for me to work on my projects that are in frames - my two HAEDs. 

But since I have gotten married my husband sits in this chair to watch tv because the couch only has two legs and eats people.  A new couch is in the plan.  So I stitch on my HAEDs here when he is at work.  Then I stitch on my other smaller projects in bed while watching tv at night.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


My first finish of 2017 and my first finish since 2015.

Garden of Faith Hope and Love Started 8/30/15 and finished 6/9/17.  This is from Cross Country Stitching June 1999.

I have picked another project from my WIPs to work on while watching tv. Maybe I will have another finish in 2017.