Sunday, April 30, 2017

WIPocalpse April

 Little Fairies at Play.  Page 11.  Slow progress as I am now only working on this one on Saturdays for a couple of hours when I am done with all of my work.

Garden of Faith Hope and Love.  This one has become my project in the bedroom.  I now have a tv in the bedroom along with a new husband.  We retreat back there at night to watch movies.  So I needed a small project to work on while watching tv in bed.  This one is almost done.  I am just doing the back stitching.

Little Fairies at Play is too big to do in bed.

This month we are to talk about what projects in our UFO pile.  I am taking that to mean started stitching and not stitched on for a while.  I only have one - Gaithering Pine Cones by Hillside Samplers.

It is stitched on Reflections linen (first time and only time stitching on linen) and it has alot of specialty stitches.  Mine looks nothing like the pattern.  Last time I worked on this was 2009.

Monday, March 27, 2017

WIPocalypse March

This month I only worked on two projects.

 Little Fairies at Play I started on page 11.
Butterfly Fairies Night.  More progress was made.  I am having a hard time finding time to stitch!

This month's question is:  Question of the Month – What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?  I have quite a few stitching blogs in my favorites that I read.  I have watched one flosstube but just do not have time to watch them. On Facebook I am part of the Heaven  and Earth Design Group.  I love watching everyone's progress and seeing new patterns.  Also on Facebook I am part of the Hoosier Stitchers Group which is for stitchers from Indiana.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

February WIPocalypse

This month I only stitched on one project, Little Fairies at Play.  I was so close to finishing page 10 at the end of January that I kept working on this project.  I thought I would finish page 10 earlier in the month of February.  But the number of days I am actually stitching keeps getting smaller.  My goal for 2017 was to stitch every day.  But I blew that the first week of January.

I did manage to finish page 10 on February 23.

This puts me at 50% done. 

I am moving on to another project in my rotation for a week.  Then back to this one as it is my focus piece.  I don't know why HAED's are so addictive but they are.

This month we are to talk about what other stitches we enjoy besides the basic cross stitch.  I do enjoy back stitching because it tends to bring the project to life.  And I do save it to the end so it also  signals I am almost done with project.  No back stitching on  HAEDs.

With the last week of warm weather my tulips are up (no buds yet) and my tree buds have opened.  It is now cold again.  Waiting to see what affect this will have on the flowers and trees.

Monday, January 30, 2017

January WIPocalypse

 This month I worked on 3 of my projects Faces of Faery 90.Almost have page 1 done.
 Little Fairies at Play.  Close to finishing page 10.  I had hoped to have it done before the end of January but that is not going to happen.  Maybe I will get it finished in February.
Garden of Faith Hope and Love.  I took this one to Rochester NY earlier in the month.  I got alot done on it during my hotel stay.

This month we are to talk about the SAL's we participate in.  WIPocalypse is the only stitch along I participate in.  I am a slow stitcher and doubt I could keep up on any other stitch alongs.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

 Put my orts from 2016 into an ornament and my jar is empty again.  Ready for another year of stitching.
I have begun the year stitching on Faces of Faery 90.  I am close to finishing the first page. One of my goals for 2017 was to stitch every day.  Well I only stitched for 4 days this week.  Hoping to do better this next week.  Back to stitching on Little Fairies at Play.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

WIPocalypse Introduction

I have 5 projects in my rotation.  I work on a weekly rotation switching projects every Sunday.  My main focus piece is Little Fairies at Play.  I work on this one every other week.  Because of that my other projects do not get worked on very often.  Here pictures of my starting points for 2017.  You can look at my WIPocalypse 2016 page to see my progress for last year.

 Little Fairies at Play I am halfway done with page 10.  14 more pages to go.
 Butterfly Fairy Night.  This one is slow going as it is on 28ct evenweave.  I have already finished Butterfly Fairy Day.
 Faces of Faery 90.  This is another HAED.
 Summer Sensation.  I need to  rip out the blue/purple flower that is touching the blue circle.  I am off by a whole row which will throw the circle off later.
 Freedom  Still a long way to go
A Garden of Faith Hope and Love.

I had no finishes in 2016 which hasn't happened in a long time.  My plan for 2017 is to try to stitch every day.  It may not be much but I want to get a few stitches in every day.  I plan on keeping a small piece - probably Summer Sensation - by my bed.  Since I need to unstitch quite a bit of it I hope that counts as stitching.

I don't have any new starts planned for 2017 unless I actually finish something.

A little about me.  I work full time, spend time with my father at the nursing home, working on re-doing my house, losing weight and spending time with my future husband.  I just need to find more time to stitch or stitch faster.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December WIPocalypse

I managed to work on three projects this month:

 Freedom by Joan Elliott

 Little Fairies at Play page 10
Butterfly Fairies Night

This month we are to talk about our progress on the projects that were on our WIP list.  Well I did stitch on each of my projects quite regularly.  But this is the first year that I have not had any finishes. I really thought I would finish the Garden of Faith Hope and Love as it is not a large project.  But I have been working every other week on Little Fairies at Play in the hopes I can get it finished sooner rather than later.

I am going to re-look at my rotation for 2017 and see how I can re-vamp it to get more finishes.

I will not update my WIPocalypse 2016 page until December is over as I still have 2 weeks to work on projects.

I also have purchased my empty ornament to put my 2016 orts in.