Sunday, November 17, 2013

 I am dog sitting my daughter's dog Daphne this weekend.  They had halloween costumes on clearance and I picked up this Spider outfit for $2.50  I had to get Daphne to model it.  She just wanted to chew on the legs.  She finally calmed down and I was able to get her picture.
I worked on Surely Goodness and Mercy this past week.  Up to the letter R.  But then Daphne came so no stitching Saturday.  She is a ball of energy and always wants to be on your lap licking you.

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SueH said...

Aww Bless, just look at her in that cute costume…….if you can call it cute………well she looks cute in it anyway.

I know just what it’s like having affectionate pets around when you’re trying to stitch. BoJangles, that I have now is not quite so bad because he will sit in the sofa beside me with his front legs on my lap but my previous pussy cat Emily would have to sit right on my lap. Fortunately over the years I perfected a way to keep stitching.

Your WIP is coming along nicely.

Happy Stitching!