Sunday, March 24, 2013

I worked on Cat Cushion this past week and made decent progress.  I think I would have gotten more done but I kept falling asleep two of the nights I worked on it.

The weather was beautiful yesterday.  Sunny and low 40's.  I went walking on the Rivergreenway 3.8 miles.  I am still participating in the 250 miles by June 1 challenge.  So far I am at 86 miles.  If the weather stays nice on the weekends, I think I can make my goal.  Weight loss is not doing so good.  I gained 5lbs during the holidays and have struggled to lose it and more.  It is a yo-yo thing, lose 3 lbs, gain 2lbs.  Hoping with warmer weather my food cravings will stop and I can exercise more outdoors.

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