Sunday, August 27, 2017

WIPocalypse August

I have only stitched on one project this month - Summer Sensation.  I stitch  for about an hour each night before bed.  I thought I didn't make very much progress until I compared it with last month's picture.

 Last month's picture
This month's progress

I feel pretty good about the progress.

This month's question is what do you do to get out of a stitching slump.  Sometimes I go thru my stash looking at all of the patterns I have/want to do.  Other times I look at other people's progress on their projects.


Sandy said...

love the flowers. I've not done a picture with flowers in years, maybe it's time to put one in rotation Great progress, and I understand about thinking you're stitch and stitching and not getting any place. That's why I started to take more pictures as I go, with digital cameras I can always delete them off.

Rhona said...

Love the design and the colours are wonderful. It's nice when you finally notice how much progress you have made, it certainly gives you a little boost :)

The Crafty Princess said...

That's why I love blogs, it really helps you see your progress. On that note, great progress. It's a lovely array of colours in the flowers.
xo Alicia