Saturday, March 26, 2016

WIPocalypse March

 Somehow this picture jumped onto my blog.We spent a day at the Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum in Auburn IN last week.
 I worked on Summer Sensation since the last WIPocalypse.  Love the colors in this one.
And I worked on Little Fairies at Play.  I am much farther along than this but I have not taken an updated picture.  My goal is to finish this page by the end of the month  I have about 1200 stitches left.


Rose Barrow said...

The car is awesome glad you added it to the post.

You are working on some beautiful colored projects. Good luck with the page finish.

Heather said...

Beautiful stitching good luck finishing the page :)

Angela S said...

Summer is looking fabulous. Good luck on finishing the page on Fairies!

Katie said...

Those cars are so much fun to look at. Beautiful work on both pieces.

ANGIE said...

Hi Cathy, it's so beautiful projects! Happy stitching!

Rachel Tomkins said...

They don't make cars like they used to. Love it! Lovely stitching too. Good luck trying to reach your page finish this month. :)