Sunday, January 26, 2014

 Next up in my rotation was my Cat Cushion.  I usually just stitch on a project for a week but my week was interrupted by a trip to Rochester NY.  So I picked this one back up after my return.  I got alot done and should finish this one up in the next few rotations.
While I was in Rochester I took along Sunflower Swirl to work on.  I made good progress on this one.  I made it home from Rochester in time for more snow and cold weather here.  My son only went to school 2 days last week.  We are expecting more snow this week and sub zero temperatures.

They did come and install my central airconditioning before I left for Rochester.  So I am all set for summer.  I have never had air conditioning and decided to add it when I got the new furnace.  I see alot of people have joined the stitching from stash challenge this year.  I didn't join but will be doing that as much as possible since I have put alot of money in home repairs.  College is also looming in the fall for my son.  Good thing I have a large stash.  I knew there was a reason I was always adding to it.


Shelleen said...

You were out my way. I am 30 minutes from Rochester. There is a really nice cross stitch shop in East Rochester.

Meari said...

I've got plans to replace my furnace, too. The CA unit went out the second year I after I bought The Homestead so I've been using a small window unit. My furnace is so old that it really wasn't made for CA, so I decided to wait until I replace it along with the furnace.

Anonymous said...

Your WIPs are coming along well :)