Sunday, January 5, 2014

 Here are my Orts at the end of the year on 12/31/13.  A nice full jar.  I emptied my jar out to start again.
 Here is how my Ort jar looks as of 1/4/14.  Greens and yellows from my new start.
 Top view of my full Ort jar from 2013.  I was having a cup of tea stitching away on 12/31.
And the top view of my Ort jar on 1/4/14.  Can you tell not much is going on in my life to get pictures of Orts.  lol
 We are hunkered down for a large winter storm.  10-12 inches of snow with temps dropping down to -25 below.  And that is supposed to be the high on Monday.  Here is a picture of my back yard at the start of the storm.  We already had 6 inches from an earlier snow fall.  We will see if the weatherman is right and we get all of the snow and cold they are calling for.
Here is my new start - Sunflower Swirl from Crosstitcher UK September 2004.  I have stitched quite a few designs from this magazine already.  I started this on 12/30/13.

I got home from work on New Year's Eve to find that my furnace had died.  The repair man came out and pronounced it dead.  He was very nice and left me with 2 electric heaters (my house is very small).  Those heaters worked better than my furnace and it was a nice toasty 75 in here.  The furnace men came back on Friday and installed my new furnace.  It works wonderful.  Just in time for the freezing temps we are to get this week.  So I had extra stitching time this week with the holiday and being off Friday for the install.  Now I am planning on not leaving my house til the storm is over.  Moving on to the next project in my rotation.  With the new furnace, windows and garage door this year I am done for a while with major projects.  And I will definitely be stitching from my stash!


Unknown said...

I love the ort jar think I will start one this year.I hope you stay warm & toasty from now on and enjoy some stitching time

AnnMcD said...

I love your alphabet from the previous post! Our tree was in the kitchen this year as well!