Sunday, October 20, 2013

I worked on my Cat Cushion this past week.  Moving right along.  I don't think I will make it into a cushion though.

Yesterday I went with my sister to Half Price Books and bought 4 books for .50 each.  Not that I don't have enough to read but it is hard to pass up a bargain.  Then we headed to Hobby Lobby.  I can always find something there.  Bought some supplies to make some coasters, gifts for my co-workers for Christmas and a craft project to do with my nieces at Thanksgiving.

I have decided to get a new garage door since my garage is almost cleaned out.  Then I can put my craft table up in there this winter.  I have several large painting projects I want to work on.  My new windows should be here in 3 wks.  I will be working on clearing out the rooms in front of the windows.  My house is coming along.


Angie said...

I love half price bookstore.

Stacie Bass said...

So cute! I love pretty much any kittie pattern. ;)