Sunday, August 25, 2013

 As part of the on going process of fixing up my house and making it mine, I bought a new red bedspread.  I like color and whenever possible I put bright colors.
 I worked on Little Fairies at play this past week and finished page 3!  Also got a little start on page 4.
Here is a close up of page 3.  I love how when I am working on it,  I see just a jumble of colors.  Then when I look at it from a distance I can see the details.  I have way too many of these in my stash.

The weather here has been perfect.  It was sunny yesterday in the low 80's, low humidity, blue skies.  The weather is to be like that again today and will then heat up to the 90's for the week.  Yesterday I attended the Taste of the Arts with my friend Carolyn.  Good food, music, artwork.  Today I am going to my friend Dianna's lake cottage.  I am having a busy social weekend which is rare for me.  I love being outside when the weather is nice as I know winter is coming and I will be inside for the duration.

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SueH said...

It must be such a nightmare to work on Cathy, especially with all those close shades of Green to contend with. It’s coming along beautifully thought.
It reminds me of when I did my first photo chart. It was of my then cat Emily and there were 27 shades of Brown…….…..didn’t even know there were that many to buy, Lol!

Happy Stitching!