Monday, October 29, 2012

 We celebrated my brother's birthday on Sunday.  He is a big Spider Man fan and has quite a collection.  I found this Spider Man potato head for him.
 My daughter got me on Pinterest.  I have been pinning different recipes to try. This one was for pepperoni rolls.  They came out huge and fed all of us which includes 2 growing boys (23 & 16) and I still had one whole roll left over.  This recipe is a keeper and I will make it again.
 Here is my progress on the scarf.  It is slowly getting bigger.
 And during HAED's Columbus Day sale I picked up this pattern.  Totally different than anything else in my stash.  Of course I have no idea when I will start it much less get it finished.  I have way too much to stitch.
Here are the leaves that were down in my back yard on Wednesday 10/24 when I was off.  I got them all raked up.  Since then we have had rain and wind and the tree is now empty and my yard full.  I am off again this Wednesday but they are calling for rain.

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