Sunday, September 9, 2012

 I worked on Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott for 2 weeks.  The first week I didn't get much done so I decided to keep it out for another week.  There is alot of backstitching which I am about halfway done with.  There is also 400 beads that need attached.  I have never put that many beads on one project.  I like the look of her without the beads and I am tempted to leave them off.
A few weeks ago one of the agents I work with sent me these beautiful flowers.  The tall green flowers on the sides really smelled good.  I googled them and they are Hills of Irish (hope I got that right).

Wedding planning is still going on.  We need to meet with the bakery about a cake and set an appointment with the decorator for the reception hall.  Still searching for a photographer.  Time is just flying by and I am starting to feel the pressure of not enough time to get it all done.  My wedding was very small and simple (and cheap).  My mom handled all of the details as she enjoyed that type of thing.  Wish she were still here as I would turn this over to her.  I think I got behind with the wedding planning as I was working thru my divorce.  Now that it is final I can turn all of my energy to the wedding plans.  It was kinda hard at times meeting with the divorce attorney in the morning and then checking out reception halls in the afternoon.  I want my daughter to have her chance at happiness so I try not to let my opinions of marriage color my enthusiasm for her special day.


Carla said...

Your angel is looking so pretty!
400 bead?! that's a LOT! But I'm sure it will looks even prettier with them :)

Nancy M said...

She is very pretty, but please add the beads!!! She'll be even more stunning with them!