Sunday, September 23, 2012

 My son asked me for an orange and blue knitted scarf.  I haven't knitted since Junior High.  These are the colors he selected.  My sister gave me a refresher course in knitting.   She is right handed and I am left handed which had been a problem when I learned the first time from my Mom.  As I was knitting and then purling my sister commented that I was doing it right handed.  I can do certain things right handed - like bowling but usually I do everything left handed.  She suggested I try it left handed and see if it was more comfortable.  It was!  I am going to do a practice swatch before starting on this yarn.  Of course my son is eager for this to be finished.  So many projects and so little time.  I may be rotating between knitting and making christmas ornaments as I am running out of time.
 Thursday and Friday I spent with my sister hiking at Turkey Run State Park.  We try to go every year.  Last year we opted out as we both had other things going on.  It is alot of climbing up stairs, ladders, over rocks.  My calves are still sore.  We wore our backpacks loaded with 20lb of stuff to see if we would be able to hike carrying that much weight.  Next year we hike the Grand Canyon in July (we are only a little bit crazy) and we need to be able to carry the weight.  We will actually be hiking the Grand Canyon twice - once from the North Rim and then from the South Rim.  Hope I will be able to walk afterwards.
And this week I was working on In the Garden.  I had hoped to get this butterfly finished but ran out of time.  I think my Christmas Ornaments are up next in my rotation.

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Sara said...

The yarn is gorgeous,... I do understand that your son can't wait for it to be finished :) That seems a great hike... I wish I had the courage to do both :D
And lovely stitching :D