Sunday, August 12, 2012

 This week I was working on Amish Star.  I stitched on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday I noticed that the whole thing was off a stitch!  There was no way to fudge it as the entire design would have been off center. So I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ripping it out.  That left me with this sad square.  I have put it away until the next time it comes up in my rotation.
 So Saturday I decided it was time to fix up DS's room.  It has this lovely disney baby border paper (which still looks good) but a 16 yr old is not enamored with it.  So I have bought the supplies to strip it off.  I have never removed wall paper before and I am hoping it goes fast as I also bought the paint to paint the room.  Ideally I would like to be done by the end of Sunday.  Saturday was spent cleaning junk out, moving stuff around.  I also mowed the lawn, took care of my dad and went grocery shopping.  So after church today I hope to get started.  It is a small room so how long could it take?

Hopefully next week I will have finished pictures to show.  Please remember I let my 16 yr old son pick out the paint color.  I was quite surprised by his choice.

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