Sunday, July 29, 2012

 I worked on Butterfly Fairy Day this past week.  Stitching the last corner.  Then there is just a little backstitching and it will be done.  One more rotation I think to finish it.
Here is the latest jigsaw puzzle I have finished.  I picked this one for all of the bright colors.  I just work on these as I am waiting for dinner to cook or passing thru the kitchen.  I have another one by this artist.  They have more in this series by him at Michaels on clearance.  I am tempted to buy more.

I have been watching the Olympics and stitching away.  I really enjoyed the opening ceremony with James Bond and the Queen.


Shebafudge said...

Fabulous finish - congratulations!!

That is a really cool jigsaw. The colours are great and it would make an amazing cross stitch!

Faith... said...

Love your puzzle! :)

What do you do with them after you put them together?

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Butterfly Fairy Day is beautiful.
Your jigsaw is just great.
You have some lovely stitching on your blog!