Sunday, July 22, 2012

 I worked on Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott this week.  I only have some gold stitches in the dress, some background leaves, backstitching and beads and it will be done!  Sounds quick and easy but it will probably be at least 2 more rotations before it is finished.
 Late posting my TUSAL.  On top are the yellow/greens from Autumn Angel.  Then there are alot of greens from Little Fairies at Play and some bright purples from Amish Star.  Time to tamp down the jar so I can put more in.
Still walking daily.  I have logged 56 miles since the 4th of July.  I stepped on a nail yesterday and now my foot is sore.  Usually I go for a long walk on Sunday's but I think I will rest my foot and just do my short walk.  Tempatures are supposed to be in the 90's again starting today and for most of the week.


Shelleen said...

She is so pretty and on my to do list. I hope your foot feels better soon.

Carla said...

Nice progress!!
Your ort jar is looking almost full!