Sunday, November 27, 2011

This week I worked on Butterfly Fairy - Day.  I got alot done.  My DD and her BF were home for 4 days.  I cooked alot of large meals as he is a big eater.  We had beef and noodles with mashed potatos (I have been told this is the German way); Thanksgiving meal at my brother and sister-in-laws (very good and I spent the whole day there with my side of the family); chili and Saturday we cooked out on the grill -hamburgers.  I also baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake.  This also resulted in alot of dish washing.  :)  They are back at college now and will return in 3 weeks for Christmas.


Nancy M said...

You did get a lot done! Won't be long now, it looks great.

Felicity said...

It's beautiful!