Sunday, October 30, 2011

I worked on Autumn Angel this past week.  I got quite alot done as I had to move my scroll rods.  I think my stitching slump is over!

Last Sunday my son and I went to the movies to see Johnny English Reborn with Rowan Atkinson.  This was my son's pick as he has enjoyed Rowan as Mr. Bean.  It was an ok movie.  Today I am going with my sister to see the remake of Footloose.

I only read one book in the month of October.  I guess I was in a reading slump as well.

I have 7  vacation days scheduled for November (not counting Thanksgiving).  Some of those days will be filled with yard work.  I do hope to squeeze in a visit to my lns.


Kajsa said...

What pretty colors in this piece! Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

She has beautiful colors, I will have to try to find this chart