Monday, September 7, 2009

This is how much I accomplished on my new start - Freight Train by Patricia Gaskin. It is being done on 18ct Ivory Adia using one strand of floss. This will be a long skinny piece - 527w x 83H. There is a lot of shades of gray and black in this one. This one will be in my rotation for a while.

This week I am working on Orchids which is a nice change because of all of the color. I have a short work week, off today for the holiday and Friday for vacation time. Hope to get alot done this time around.

I went bike riding yesterday with my son. Did a couple miles on the bike trail and then off to Dairy Queen for a treat. I have to bribe him to get him off of the computer. We did play Wii for a couple of hours Saturday night. He beat me every game even though he had never played them before. He is quite good at video games.


Nancy M said...

Nice start! You got quite a bit done already.

Laural said...

Great start!!