Saturday, September 26, 2009

I didn't any stitching done this past week. Tuesday after work I had to drive to Ball State to get my daughter. She was selected for Jury Duty on Wednesday. We drove home in a driving rain storm. She did not get picked for the Jury so after work on Wednesday I drove her back to Ball State. My son rode along to keep me company on the drive back.

Thursday morning I left with my sister to go to Turkey Run State Park and Shades State Park. It rained steady all day Thursday. We went hiking at Shades State Park anyways. We were the only ones hiking. Back in the woods and ravines we were protected from the rain and only got damp.

Friday we went hiking at Turkey Run. There were a few other people hiking even though it did rain off and on during the day. Once again the trees protected us from getting really wet.

Now I need to catch up on all of my housework. I will also be working at the school carnival on Sunday. Hope to get back to my stitching next week.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Turkey run with my DH on this same weekend. Been going to Turkey Run for 40+ years now. We love it.