Saturday, December 28, 2019

December WIPocalypse

I stitched on quite a few projects this month. 

I finished page 1 of Dandelion Fairy Kingdom by Ching-Chou Kuik (HAED).  I started this one back in June 2018.  29 more pages to go. 

 Little Fairies at Play by Mary Thompson (HAED) Ifinised page 18.
 I finished 4 pages in 2019.
I had to move the scroll rods and took a picture of what is done so far.  Only 6 partial pages to go.

Since I finished up my page on Little Fairies at  Play early in the month (12/11/19) I pulled Bless Our Harvest out and got quite a bit more done.

Jingle Bell Pals.  I had a class again in December and I also stitched on it after I finished page 1 of Dandelion Fairy Kingdom.

Here is my Ort Jar for the year.  I forgot to get my plastic ornament to fill.  Hoping Walmart will still have them out.

I will update my WIPocalypse page with updated photos for all of my projects.

Here are my goals for 2020:

Finish Little Fairies at Play in the first half of 2020.  I think this is doable. 
Dandelion Fairy Kingdom I will be using for some challenges in Full Coverage Fanaticis.  20,000 stitches in 2020 and the National Park Challenge.  I hope to get at least 4 pages done.
Faces of Faery 90.  I am going to work on this for the next 4 days until 1/1/20.  I  hope to finish the partial page 3 and get started on page 4.  Once Little Fairies at Play is done I will push to finish this one in 2020.

If I get 2 HAEDs finished in 2020 I have several non-HAEDs kitted up that I want to start.

I think I got alot of stitching done in 2019.  I will do another shorter post with an update on Faces of Faery 90

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Katie said...

Fantastic work on everything. Good luck in 2020!