Monday, February 25, 2019

WIPocalypse February

This month's question is what do you listen/watch when stitching.  I have just discovered Flosstube.  I tend to watch that when my husband is at work.  Otherwise whatever he is watching.  The less interested in it the more stitching I get done.

We spent a week in Florida visiting my in-laws.  So I did not stitch every day this month.  My weekly project was Butterfly Night which is stitched on evenweave.  I struggle to stitch on evenweave.  My stitches are a mess so I hate to work on this project.  I worked on filling in the moon.  Glad to put this one away and switch to another project a few days early.

On the weekends I worked on Little Fairies at Play and completed 2,787 stitches.  I almost have page 15 done and should finish it up in March.  To make sure I get my page finished and at least 1,200 stitches in I will work on this project on weekends and during the week until page 15 is done and 1,200 stitches completed.

Bless our Harvest will be back out for the few remaining days of February and as soon as I have page 15 and 1,200 stitches done on Little Fairies at Play I will work on it for the rest of the month.

I did manage to read 4 books this month (3 while on vacation in Florida).

Looking forward to some warmer weather for March.


Katie said...

Your vacation sounds nice. Especially with the weird weather we have been having. Beautiful progress on both pieces.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Lovely work on both projects - I especially love the little fairies. It's getting warmer here now and seeing all those colors brings me into a spring-mood =)

Renee said...

You've made beautiful progress! These are both lovely projects. Beautiful stitching.