Saturday, June 30, 2018

June WIPocalypse

June was my birthday month so I decided to start a new project. I had 3 kitted up and picked another HAED.  Dandelion Fairy Kingdom by Ching-ChouKuik.  I am stitching it on white 18ct aida full cross stitch 2 threads over 1.  30 pages for a total of 182,000 stitches.  This one will be larger than Little Fairies at Play.

I continue to stitch on Little Fairies at Play on the weekends.  I finished page 12 and have completed 86,777 stitches which is 59%.

I have moved the scroll rods and ready to begin page 13.  Page 12 took me 3 months.  I hope to finish page 13 in 3 months. If I can do a page every three months I should have this one finished sometime in 2020.

And here are my Orts.  Ready to tamp them down again.


Unknown said...

Love your fairys at play, nice new start and great progress. Happy Stitching!

Katie said...

Wohoo! Congrats on the page finish. Great new start. I look forward to watching it grow.

Renee said...

Lovely progress! I am SO excited to see your new start. It is one of my favorites. I cannot wait to watch your progress. Beautiful stitching!

Suz said...

Wonderful progress! You must be super proud :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Congrats on the page finish for Fairies, it looks beautiful. I love the colours. A great choice for your birthday new start. And happy birthday, I'm a June baby too. Looking forward to your progress on these two beauties.
xo Alicia

Justine said...

Another huge start! I'm sure you can do it. You have regular page finishes. 2020 is not so far away!