Sunday, November 8, 2015

 After my page finish I continued to work on Little Fairies at Play.  I got a decent start on page 8.  The bottom half does not have much  confetti stitching.  So I should move right along.
 Last week I took a day off and we went to the National Military History Center and Automotive & Carriage Museum in Auburn IN.  We spent the morning there, had some lunch and took a walk in Meta County Park.  The weather was sunny and in the mid 70's.
And last night we celebrated my brother's 50th birthday.  We bobbed for apples.  The kids had never bobbed for apples.  This is my brother showing them how it is done.  They youngest - Anna age 6 - was the only one to successfully get an apple.  Everyone else got their apple a unique way.

Somehow I hurt my achilles tendon.  I  am going to rest it today (stitching time) and Wednesday I will go back out to finish raking my leaves.


Annie said...

Wonderful progress! It gets more and more beautiful.
I hope you get lots of stitching time while you heal:)

Heather said...

Beautiful progress. I suck at bobbing for apples lol I have a small mouth. I usually have to wedge it against the side of the container and bite it.

Katie said...

Beautiful progress! Bobbing for apples is fun. Hope your pain eases soon.

Rachel said...

Wow! that's a great start to your next page. Love it! :)