Monday, June 1, 2015

WIPocalypse June

 I started on this freebie card from World of Cross Stitching #215 on 5/7/15 and finished it up 5/25/15.  I had to sort the colors and I am not sure I picked the right floss for the colors on their diagram.  But I tried to stay consistent.
Then I worked some more on Faces of Faery 90.  I finished putting the threads on bobbins and in my box.  I found I was missing a color and had to stop at Michaels Saturday to pick it up.  I have about 300 stitches complete on the first page.  This is a much smaller HAED than my Little Fairies at Play.  Only 6 pages versus 28 pages.  So I hope to get this one finished in a reasonable amount of time.

I must have a thing for butterflies as my other project is Butterfly Fairy Night.

The question for this month is do you stitch more in the summer or winter?  For me it is during the winter.  Too cold and snowy to go outside.  During the summer I have yardwork and like to go places on the weekend.  So I get more stitching progress made in the winter.  And I am now stopping each night on my way home from work to check on my Dad added to the Saturday mornings I spend at his house and if he gets up on Sunday I take him to church and back to my house for lunch.  Doesn't leave much time to get anything - fun or work wise done on the weekends.

Memorial Day weekend we went hiking at Pokagon State Park and found this painted turtle crossing the trail.  He was very patient and let Iggy have his picture taken with him.
 Then on Monday of that weekend we went to the Sunken Gardens and saw this large Frog.  You can tell he is a big one as you don't need a magnifying glass to see him.
Iggy got in the photo again.

It rained hard all this past weekend so no yard work got done.  I will try and plant some flowers next weekend. 


Katie said...

Love your stitching. Love the wildlife pics.

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Whether or not you sorted the colors "right," your finished butterfly looks great! And I love that you have Iggy in your pictures.