Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WIPocalypse January

Since the last full moon I worked on Little Fairies at Play (still chasing a page 6 finish) and Joy which I finished.

We are supposed to introduce ourselves and tell about our stitching plans for 2015.  I am Cathy.  I work full time and try to find stitching time.  I have just deposited my last child at college and I am living alone for the first time.  I hope this brings me more stitching time.  I enjoy stitching large pieces but I am trying to add smaller and medium projects so I can have some finishes occasionally.

For 2015 on my WIPocalypse page I have listed the projects I would like to start in 2015.  I hope to make alot of progress with a few finishes of the smaller pieces.

I enjoy visiting everyone's pages and looking at their projects.  I find it inspiring.


Marcy said...

I like your WIPs, especially the Folk Santa. Good luck and happy stitching!

Sarah Haggett said...

Looks like a lovely list, and like lots of progress has been made on the fairies. Best of luck in getting as much progress as you would like this year!