Sunday, September 28, 2014

 This weekend I went to a big car show in Gas City, IN.  Ducktails.
 We spent the whole day there.  Thousand of cars to look at.
 Saw this one driving down the road.
And I had 2 days off this week so I got quite a bit done this week.  1000 stitches done.  I had to have a colonoscopy so I spent Thursday not eating and stitching and then Friday after the procedure I kept stitching.  I still have 14 vacation days to use up before the end of the year.  I am thinking about just taking days here and there and staying home and stitching on this project.  I want to finish page 6 before the end of the year.

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Rachel said...

Love the purple car... and your stitching of course! Hope you're all recovered from the colonoscopy. Not a nice procedure. At least you've got more holiday (and stitching!) time to look forward to! :)