Sunday, December 8, 2013

 I finished up this jigsaw puzzle this week.  I am in winter mode already.  Yardwork is done and I have all of my indoor activities to do.  Which include house work but who wants to see pictures of that.  lol
I worked on Surely Goodness and Mercy this week.  The alphabet is done.  Next time it is up I will remove the scroll rods and start on adding the details and backstitching.  This one should be my next finished project.  I have picked 5 projects I want to start in 2014.  Need to get them all kitted up.

I have 3 days off work this coming week.  I am just burning vacation time since it cannot be rolled over.  I hope to finish my Christmas shopping and get alot of progress in on the next piece in my rotation - Fairies at Play.  Maybe I will be lucky and finish page 4.

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