Monday, June 25, 2012

 I worked on Butterfly Fairy this past week and finished corner #3.  Only one corner to go and a little back stitching and it will be done.  I probably could have gotten more finished but I kept falling asleep.
And here is the latest jigsaw puzzle I have finished.  This one took awhile as the colors were similar and there were only 4-5 different shapes.  Had to back up and remove pieces that were in spots they did not belong.   I have 3 more puzzles waiting to be put together.

This week I am stitching on In the Garden.  I really like this piece and spent alot of time yesterday working on it.  It was 93 out and I chose to stay inside and stitch instead of walking.

Today I am headed to Castleton Mall with my sister.  It is my birthday and we are looking to buy hiking backpacks for our Grand Canyon trip next year.  The weather is going to be excellent - in the 70's today and tomorrow (which I also have off).


mdgtjulie said...

It's gorgeous here too, Cathy. It's sixty seven degrees, and not too windy atm. I'm sure it will get into the seventies today, but I'm good with the temps in that range. I hope you're enjoying your stitchy time. I love the puzzle you put together. It's beautiful. And grats on the progress. I have that in my stash to do someday, and yours is lovely. (And so close to finished. Each stitch must feel like it's taking forever!!!!) I can't wait for your happy dance!!

Unknown said...

Your Daylight butterfly is absolutely gorgeous.
Also, you are tagged, please check my blog, and yes, it is absolutely safe and malware free.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Happy birthday.