Monday, March 19, 2012

 I worked on Butterfly Fairy Day last week.  I only have 3 corners to stitch and a little back stitching and this one will be done.

 I also put together another jigsaw puzzle - 300 pieces Garden of Peace.
 I made a trip to my LNS to get some fabric for a new start.  I came home with more than fabric.  This Joan Elliott book.  My LNS did the framing for the cover model.
 I saw this pattern online and it jumped into my basket.  I don't have alot of Mirabella patterns but I like this one.
 Got another floss box to put all of the thread for my new HAED.  I also got some more pearl blending filament and velcro to put on scroll rods.
 And here is the white fabric that I went into get.  I also got these smaller pieces of black fabric for some ornaments I want to make.
And I picked up this kit.  I love turtles.  And I ended up with all of this stash just because I needed some 18ct white for a new start.  I have started my new project and will post a picture next week after I have made some progress.


Katie said...

Aw I love the turtle kit. I can't wait to watch it grow. Your other stitching looks beautiful too.

Veronica said...

What a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Yummy stash. Can't wait to see your new start. The turtle kit is so cute.


Anonymous said...


Lovely new stash!

Your stitching looks beautiful.

Carla said...

Day Fairy looks beautiful! Great new stash, havw fun with it ;)

Nancy M said...

You are almost done! I don't think I have seen that Mirabillia before. It looks really colorful! Nice new stash!

Carrie said...

Looks like you had a great shopping trip!