Sunday, August 21, 2011

 This week I worked on Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott.  I stitched alot on the wings which have pearl blending filament in them.  It does add sparkle.  This is one of her older designs.
 We stopped at Half Price books yesterday and I got another book with Joan Elliott patterns.
 Here are a few that caught my eye and will be added to the to do list.

I think I will always have at least one Joan Elliott piece in my rotation.  Now I also need to add a TW into my rotation as I have alot of her designs that I want to stitch.

Dropped my daughter off at college on Monday.  She has a bigger room this year.  Very nice especially compared to the dorm rooms at Cedar Point.  Tuesday I took my son back to school shopping for some new clothes. And then it was back to work for the rest of the week.  School starts tomorrow so our summer routine ends and the school routine begins.


Kathy A. said...

Beautiful stitches Cathy. Love your book of designs. I can see why you like them.

mdgtjulie said...

Some very pretty patterns there. I understand why you got that book. And I bet the 032 BF makes the wings look amazing. I have several spools of the VFB for one of my projects. It's wonderful!!!