Sunday, June 12, 2011

 This week was a new start for me.  Autumn Angel by Joan Elliott.  I am stitching her on 14ct Parchment.  So far the colors seem kinda christmasy to me.
Monday at work I got a nice surprise.  These beautiful flowers came from one of the agents I work with.  So bright and colorful.  They stayed nice all week.  I hope they still look decent this Monday when I go into work.

I attended my niece's high school graduation ceremony and party this weekend.  I enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Our computer was broke again all week.  Back working now but I have lost all of the pictures I had taken of family events for the past few years.   When I get paid this week I am going to buy another thumb drive and put my pictures on it weekly as I take them off my camera.


Nancy M said...

The flowers match your new start! I'm sure it will look more autumny when you get further along. I bought an external hard drive and put all my songs and photos on it. I think it was $50 during the Thanksgiving Day sales and it holds WAY more than a stick does. Might want to check that out too.

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Cathy, what beautiful flowers - you lucky girl!!

Your Autumn Angel is looking really good - the colours are lovely. Look forward to seeing more soon!

mdgtjulie said...

Love the colors in your Joan Elliot piece. It's gonna be beautiful, I'm sure. And your flowers are lovely!