Monday, September 20, 2010

More progress on Day. I really enjoy stitching on this one.

This week I am getting ready to go with my Sister to Turkey Run State Park for our annual hike. I always enjoy this trip.

I am also starting a 10 week weight loss program. I have put on all of the weight I lost last year and am starting to feel bad again. This summer it was so hot I did not get alot of walking and bike riding. Hope to get back on track.


Debra said...

This is going to be so pretty.

Nancy M said...

It's really taking shape! Good luck getting more exercise in. I found getting a dog made me walk a mile a day! That's more than I was doing.

Wendy said...

lovely !
I have always loved these designs, and already had the chart of the small ones.
now I´ve gotten my hands on the charts of the big ones, so they are most definitely on my to-do-in-the-near-future list !
what kind of fabric are you stitching them om ?