Sunday, July 4, 2010

I had planned to go to my LNS to have one of my finishes framed. I hoped this trip would break my stitching slump. Well I did not make it there. Instead I thought if I started a small project that could be finished in a few weeks it might get me going again. So I picked these Garden Seed packets by Joan Elliot (one of my favorite designers). I had all of the materials in my stash. Before I could get started I had to go hang my laundry out to dry. While doing that I got to thinking. What will I do with one of these once finished? I am not good at making flat folds etc. So I decided to stitch them all on one piece of fabric. I have been stitching all week. So I did get out of my stitching slump. But I now have another long term project that I am working on.
I did read alot of books in June. #33 -43 on the above list. I took the bus quite often and of course I was reading at night instead of stitching. I just need more time in my day to do everything I want and need to do.
Here is hoping the in July I will get lots of stitching done.


Dineke said...

The new project looks lovely. Have fun stitchin some more on it.

Nancy M said...

Looks like some very pretty flower patterns.